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    Hi all!

    I just got an unlocked HP Veer off of eBay this morning and I'm loving so far. However, the process used for unlocking left a Palm Profile on the device. I'm not sure if this profile is faulty or what, but the System Updates just searches endlessly and the App Catalog cannot find it's server.

    I'm using a Tmobile SIM, Data disabled, with a working Wifi connection.

    Are these apps only available with a data connection? That seems kinda crazy.
    Can I access updates and new apps through my computer and the USB connection? Will I need a Palm Profile to access new apps on my Veer? Can I access Apps not through the HP Apps store?

    I talked to HP and their solution is to Erase Apps and Data, if I'm going to do that I'll wait until I have a friend and a data SIM around as that will reboot it to the Register your Device stage.
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    I did poke around somewhat I couldn't find anything on changing the Palm Profile on a 'registered' Veer. That's my real question, I guess. Is it possible to change the Profile? Is it even necessary?

    And just to show my ignorance a little more, what is that VPN? Is that the data connection? Forgive me, I am from the UK and not used to these USA software acronyms.
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    Alright, I did find what I was looking for. This is my first foray into WebOS, didn't realize it was so easy/there were so many alternate apps that were available outside of the developer's website.

    Waded through dozens of semi-relevant threads - Check
    My own profile on the phone - Check
    Preware installed and having some grasp how to operate it - Check
    Slightly terrified of downloading the wrong thing and screwing up my phone - Check

    In case there are any newbies like me that stumble across this post:

    This is an awesome forum with loads of info, just a lot of wading needed to find what you're looking for.

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