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    Yes there is a version for the phones and yes it works !! Original version was for Pre2 and the only requirement was webos 2.1, I've installed it and it works on my veer.

    I've email splashtop to make available on Veer officially, I know it's a stupid idea on such a small screen, but i like it.
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    How'd you install it? Version for pre3 makes more sense

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    ipk via preware, you just have to get the IPK
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    How does one get the ipk?
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    google is your friend or a pre2 with the update.
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    can't find pre2 splashtop ipk anywhere does it still work?
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    ugh-ugh, apparently google is no one friend...

    Can anyone send a PM with the actual file (I'll erase the message -promise-).

    Thanks in advance.
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    The company said that HP pulled their app without explanation
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    Quote Originally Posted by Remy X View Post
    The company said that HP pulled their app without explanation
    Oh? Splashtop said that? After it disappeared right after they brought out Splashtop 2.0?

    I'm really regretting having given Splashtop money, after they've removed so many features of their product, and then either made them "pay even more" features, or told me "that was never supported, and it's impossible."
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