I have purchased music through Amazon and have stored it on my computer and on their Cloud Drive. Is it possible to download that music directly to my Veer through the Amazon MP3 app that is included on the Veer? I know that I can copy it over from my computer to the Veer. It is silly if I cannot do so, as I have purchased the right to play that music and to copy it onto other devices for my use, as it is DRM-free.

Additionally, if I download an app with my Amazon ID on the Amazon MP3 app on the Veer, and I have already paid for that same exact app with the same Amazon ID through Amazon's website, will Amazon charge me again to download that same app through the Amazon MP3 app?

I'm not sure if anybody knows the answer to this, and I cannot find it anywhere on Amazon's site. They probably don't know the answer for this, as these downloads on multiple devices have become a mess.

It would be useful to have Amazon's Cloud Player app on the Veer and on the TouchPad so that we can download the music onto the devices (in the event that we are in a location in which there is no cellular service).

Can I use the WiFi Media Sync app to copy the music over WiFi from my computer onto my Veer?

Thank you in advance for any input!