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    I recently bought an hp veer from ebay and it was locked. Knowing I had to unlock it I went online and bought a registration code from digitalunlock and the reg. code worked. I just gotta get it unlocked, so when I tried to follow the instructions (turn it on, plugged it into the computer, press the 'white' key, the 'r' key and the 'sym', wait till the screen dimmed, and hold the 'r' key until you see the recovery symbols), but when I held the three keys, the screen never dimmed. All it did was show the black circle and the two circular white things in the center (like whenever you turn it off)and the phone reboots but in a normal way like when I turned it on. Please help me get my hp veer into recovery mode :v.
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    I think you need to keep holding the R key while it's rebooting.
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    awww dude thanks it worked!!! your a lifesaver.

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