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    One thing that my new Veer doesn't have is an LED flash. The one on my Pre- works pretty good in dim light for close shots.
    Question is this?
    With so many Veers being sold out there in the last few weeks, what demand would there be and how hard would it be to build an LED light that would clip onto the side of the phone magnet???
    I was even thinking of an LED/micro USB combo adapter to stick on the side.

    Maybe just a dream since these are soon to be extinct. :-(
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    Unlikely, but let's explore. Here are some ramblings:


    • Don't know if the Veer's USB port supplies power like a regular computer's USB port does
    • If so, it does supply enough energy to power a camera flash
    • May have to build in capacitance into the flash dongle, which could need engineering to avoid violating USB spec
    • Could possibly be a "dumb" USB device without any microcontrollers, but don't know if the Veer can cope
    • The Veer can almost certainly cope with "smart" USB devices, but would require both a microcontroller (extra cost), and to program that microcontroller (extra cost), and to program the Veer side (extra cost + requires homebrew)
    • You'd need homebrew anyway to patch the Camera app


    • You can't buy Veer magnetic connectors off the shelf
    • Either need to custom-fabricate some (expensive)...
    • Or butcher a whole bunch of existing Veer cables/adaptors (expensive)


    • Your market is Veer owners (small)
    • Who use their cameras (most but not all)
    • And miss the camera flash (some)
    • And are happy to use yet another dongle (some)
    • And who need to install homebrew (some)
    • And are willing to pay the cost of design + parts + manufacture + shipping + markup... which will be expensive (few)

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