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    Can anyone attest to the sound quality of the headphone adaptor? I remember that the Pixi had a distinct hiss and other issues.
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    I was slow to unwrap the magnetic connector, but I was very pleased to hear how excellent my ear buds sounded using it
    I believe I get more volume than I did using the same buds on my Pre & the clarity seems superior as well
    I was concerned about how robust the connector would be & though I did not take the combination out for a jog, I did do some light gardening this morning with the Veer tucked into a shirt pocket & turned up, though I found full blast too much for my taste
    with the Pre, the volume never seemed sufficient
    the magnetic connection held without incident
    I've not used this much yet, but intend to use it a lot more, now that I discovered just how well this little box works
    now I need to locate a spare magnetic connector & I've not yet located any not attached to some ear buds for sale

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