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    I want to keep the exhibition mode showing the grassy field with the time. How would I go about doing this instead of exhibition mode showing a black screen with the time?

    Thanks for your help
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    yha.. been wondering this on my pre 2
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    If you touch the screen, it toggles between the 2.

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    If you tap on the background when you're on the clock exhibition mode it will change between the black background and the grassy field. and that's it!
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    The most annoying part about this (on Veer especially), is when you tap notification and keep cycling the pic on and off. I am Doing this all the time when I tap just a lil too high on notifications.
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    I use my Veer on a Touchstone as a clock at night and switching it to the grassy field is nice as it doubles as a light
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    Is there a way to customize these default photos? Especially the lock screen one...

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