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    Now that I have a Touchpad should I get a Veer? I want to be able to tether my Touchpad and use Freeterher. I currently have an IPhone 4 and can't jailbreak it unless I connect it to my computer and if it shuts down I can't turn it back onwithout the computer until IOS5 comes out.

    I apologize if there is already a thread on this but I couldn't find one. I would like to be able to use my Touchpad at work and when traveling when wifi is not available.

    Plead let me know what your experience is using the two devices together and would it be worth swithing from the IPhone.
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    I just got a Veer to go along with the TouchPad. I was originally going to wait for a Pre3, but that obviously won't happen. I was using an iPhone 3GS and found that I used the phone less and less as I got more comfortable with the TouchPad. Given this, I figured going to the small Veer wouldn't be an issue, and so far, I think that is what is happening.

    The Veer is certainly not bug free, but it works very nicely. I am able to connect the TouchPad to the Veer for phone calls, but not for messaging. I also am not able to use the Touch-To-Share feature since the Veer is running 2.1.2 and TTS requires 2.2. There are rumors going both directions regarding the Veer getting an OTA update. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it does eventually happen. However, even if it doesn't, I'm still happy with my decision.

    One of the big reasons I went with the Veer was WebOS. I found the iPhone more and more difficult to use since the interface is different. I hated the idea of having to close down an application in order to launch another. I find myself with 4-5 applications always open on the TouchPad and 2-3 open on the Veer at all times. I kept finding myself trying to close an app on the iPhone by swiping up and getting frustrated because it wasn't working.
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    Thanks for the info. I also find myself swiping the IPhone screen.

    I would honestly never have considered a webOS device before my Touchpad. Now I love it. It is sad because now everyone loves the product.

    Were you able to keep your unlimited data plan going from IPhone to Veer?
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    I moved to the Veer this August, after playing around with a cheap Pixi. LOVE Webos compared to iOS. Really love the Veer. Love the size, the build quality, the physical keyboard, touch stone, even those magnetic connections (buy a couple extra and have one on the various plug-ins you'll be using like chargers, earbuds, and speakers) I think they are a great idea (so darn easy to attach, even in the dark). Of course WebOS is the main thing.

    I picked up a TP on ebay ($250 32G) and REALLY love the thing.

    All that said, I don't find that I necessarily need one for the other. My Veer remains the more important. Phone calls to the TP is nice, but that by itself does not really create an overwhelming synergery among the two.
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    I am really looking at the Veer for price and the ability to Tether. I know there are other phones out there but I have to stay on ATT. Otherwise I might look at one of the Android phones. I really don't like the Android phones for ATT and any I would consider are expensive.

    I more or less want to create a hotspot for my Touchpad when needed and not have to pay to tether. With the cheap price of the Veer on EBay and the ease of using it for wifi it seems like a great idea. Just need to know if there are any problems tethering them. I use a lot of data on ATT now so I don't think it would increase any tethering it.

    Any problems tethering the two devices with Freetether? I also like webOS and would love to play around with it on a phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wilburjoe View Post
    Were you able to keep your unlimited data plan going from IPhone to Veer?
    I had the option but wanted to tether so I went with the 4 Gb tethering plan. My data usage runs pretty consistently at ~200Mb/month so I wasn't concerned about losing the unlimited data plan.
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    You can tether using FreeTether - the built in app requires a supported plan - also a nifty thing is pairing the TP and the Veer over Bluetooth - you can make and receive calls on your TP after you do this - totally amazing! - the Veer by the way is my favorite phone in my arsenal right now - I've got a Pre 2, Pre 3, Palm Pixi Plus, multiple iPhones, the Nexus S, and WP7 Dell Venue Pro - off all of these I keep coming back to the Veer as the phone I simply can't put down - it is so well designed and the absolutely perfect form factor - the low price point on eBay can't be matched by other phones either!
    Pre 3 QWERTY, The Veer, GSM Pre 2 and GSM Pixi Plus - 64GB White TouchPad and 32GB Black TouchPad
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    to go with my Touchpad, purchased during the first great price reduction
    love both devices and it seems to particularly sad that HP came so close & is deciding to bail out rather than playing on their strength
    I have long been a fan of Compaq & Palm which were both innovators in their time for small computing devices
    if HP improved the connectivity of the Veer & TP they would be very competitive against any other system
    Touch to Share is one of the features that I wanted
    Even simpler matters, such as sharing profiles between the two cry for simpler support
    the Veer's phone does work with the TP, but there is an annoying echo noted by users on the receiving end, while my reception is excellent
    I'd love to see GPS tethering between the Veer & TP
    that would be very useful for trips, but sadly this may be a dream
    both the Veer and TouchPad are well designed products
    HP needs to get them working better together
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    I was in bed. The TP was next to the bed, in standby. I made a call with the Veer, and the sound came from the TP! I'd paired the two. The Veer saw the TP as a car, so when it found itself in range of a car, it went to touch-free mode. I've only managed to do this the once. I've been unable to duplicate the experience. It was very strange, moving my car around with my hands as I was in bed.

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