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    HP Veer unlocked (T-mobile prepaid) + Kindle 3 3G.

    Veer in my pocket, Kindle in my car (or on my desk).
    Smallest smart phone + free data for life. Cost? <$100/year for everything.

    I love the smallest phone, (camera/video camera/mp3 player/clocks, everything I need, no more, no less). So light to carry around and hardly feel this 100gram device in my pocket.

    A quick question, when i upload the songs to "download", is there anyway I can play them by album or artist? Seems all songs are in same folder and can not be separated and they are all in one place.
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    Free data? On the Veer? How does that work?
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    Free data? How does that work?
    I think he meant Kindle 3g data. It's free. You can browse and check email and download ebooks. Oh I think you can play pandora on it. I think there's people who tried to tether but I doubt it's working properly.

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