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    I bought one of veers + unlock code on ebay and just would like to ask for the the steps to make it work.
    I've read some of the topics here discussing it but I wasn't sure at all. If I let it boot with my own sim card, will I be able to enter the unlock code and create a Palm profile? I have a data plan and sim is from 2100 MHz.

    Many thanks,

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    Many thanks

    So at first I do NOT insert my sim, start the phone, unlock it with the unlock code and then follow the steps?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    No, first you read that thread.
    I agree with Cerw, it is not 100% clear which must be done first.
    And yes, I have read the Impostah post.
    I would unlock the device without inserting any SIM card, and then use Impostah, but as I said i am not 100% sure.

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