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    Hi everyone,

    Woke up this morning and my wife got her Veer to make a phone call and she called me asking what was wrong. The phone was showing a button saying to accept the terms of service or something like that - after going through that, it said it was setting the language and went through the motions like the phone had been hard reset. It even asked for her palm profile information which we inputted, after it went through it's restoration process it restarted the phone and upon relaunching the wallpaper was back to it's stock wallpaper, it re-downloaded all apps. The preware patches that were installed (battery percentage next to bar and the one to easily connect to Wifi networks) were still installed but preware was no where to be found nor was the preware app Data Switch (used to quickly turn data on/off by pressing an icon in your app launcher).

    I don't have the phone with me right now, so I can't check what version of webOS is on there, but I wanted to know if anyone else got this last night? Is this typical behavior for a webOS update (I've never experienced one before)? If not, what do you think could have happened? The phone hasn't been acting peculiar in anyway - and it was running stock with the only patches applied being the two mentioned above. No OC, etc.

    Let me know,
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    *runs phone's update software*

    nope, still up to date it says

    it probably just reset itself for no apparent reason at veer has never done that before

    edit: besides, even if you update it, it wont ask for your info again... at least not with my touchpad
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    No update on my end.
    WebOS used to be great! 👎

    Pre, Veer and now iPhone. Since HP killed WebOS.
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    I did my usual nightly routine
    put the Veer in Airplane mode
    turn on WiFi
    take off the Touchstone
    this am when I opened it, the HP logo came on as it re-booted
    first time this ever happened
    WebOS still 2.1.2

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