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    PM sent
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    pm sent. thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by asucks View Post
    I won't have anything worthwhile to contribute until I get my only webOS device unlocked and can start using it.
    samething here for me still looking for my first webos, lost firesale TP even before it reached,so looking forward to using veer(bought 3 veer, for friends & me)

    anyway sent pm for 3
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    People are PM-ing me without following Rule #3.
    The thread's a sticky, and #3 was to keep it at the top, so..

    (but hey, pm sent!)
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    guy from nam, thAnks for the link for pre three. I will keep my option open since I am looking for a QWERTY one.

    anyway cannot wait to receive my veer. Hopefully will receive them after we this deal sorted.

    anyone has any idea to get a hold of a US credit card although you are residing in other country. Ideally the us app store has the longest list of the apps but need us ccard. With impostah that is not impossible but need a us ccard.
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    Is the group-buy option still available? I just received my veer and I have t-mobile sim.
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    I need more and already sent PM, please kindly check
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    I see on digitalunlocker some unlocks are cheaper than $39 wonder if the registration code for those will work with the Veer unlocker?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Verko, you have trouble reading. Try again.
    Thanks, you know not the whole World`s first language is English
    Anyway, did you receive my PM?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Wow, does it hurt when your brain just suddenly melts down like that?
    yeah its like a brain freeze
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    PM sent for 1 unlock. Thanks!
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    This is my 3# step
    I hope you`ve received my PM.
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    Just posting to make this the hottest thread.
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    Yet another post to keep this thread at its stickiest...

    I do sincerely appreciate the opportunity to get back into the Palm fold... I cut my teeth on a Kyocera QCP-6035, followed by the Tungsten T, Tungsten E2, and lastly the T|X. I switched over to 2 different BlackBerries after the digitizer on the T|X started going wonky, but missed the simplicity and elegance of PalmOS. I kept an eye on webOS from afar, but never got around to picking up a Pre (or Pixi).

    After HP had its collective brain hemorrhage in August, I ordered up a firesale TouchPad to see if webOS really was as good as they say. After getting the SMB run-around (yep, I'm an "8-weeker"), I decided to pick up a Veer to fill in until the TP arrives. My Veer arrives tomorrow, and (seeing as I'm on T-Mobile) I'll need to unlock the little gem.

    I can't wait to go digging into webOS, and plan to be plenty active in these forums... after all, I'm used to big companies abandoning great tech - not only was I a Palm fan, I also ran Linux on PowerPC, loved my Nokia N900 and Maemo, and currently carry a Nokia N8 on Symbian^3. I'm a sucker for "dead" technology!
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    PM sent.
    Posting to make this thread legit.
    Thanked GuyFromNam.
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    Thanks, GuyFromNam. Sent you a PM.
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    Step 3 done

    GuyFromNam - PM sent!
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    PM sent for 2 codes. Thanks...
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    PM you now
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