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    Guys need your help.
    I dont want to mess up with my new Veer.
    I have a question which coming to my mind,
    What should I do first with Hp Veer???
    Should I install impostah and create a palm profile
    Should I first unlock it with Digital unlock
    Does the above two makes any difference of what doing first??

    This is coming to my mind as I wont be using At&t sim and also using my new created palm profile and app catalogue( US).
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    It may be a stupid question but I dont want to mess up with this adorable device.
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    to be honest it doesnt matter... but your better off unlocking first

    but do remember using impostah and activating your phone that way wont make it sync... gotta have to delete the temporary profile first
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    Not clear yet.
    What is a temporary profile?
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    I take it you want to activate for a store other than where you're located? If not you don't really need Impostah.

    The Impostah thing is that it won't sync with your webOS account as in download the apps you already own.
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    when you try to bypass firstuse(the program that links the phone to your profile) it will assign you a profile that you can't sync with.

    of course if you have a data plan and didn't need to skip it you have no worries.

    I had to skip it because I'm on T-Mobile and had no data plan..I had to bypass it and connect to WiFi and rerun firstuse so that it'll sync properly

    I made a guide here... I'd link it but I'm not at my pc.. That should help you out a bit if you have any questions
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    Please do link the guide.
    By the way I forgot to mention that I am not located in US.
    And also want to create a new profile and dont want to link an old one.
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    if thats the case then during activation part(step 9 there) there is a way to change what region you want.. make sure you set the right one

    afterwards when you rerun firstboot make sure you do the same thing

    look here for more info.. someone seems to have done it
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    Thanks, I also need the same information for my new veer.
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    Logic would dictate that you would NEVER put a sim card in it until you have activated the country App Cat you want.

    So impostah first
    sim card / unlock second
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