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    Quote Originally Posted by tekis View Post
    The "Sync" prefs?
    Just briefly (I'll do my best to explain):

    Under the sync header. "Show Email" represents how long your phone will store a backlog of your emails. "All" means every single email you've ever recieved on your Yahoo account, will be synced with your phone, and you can access it if you need it. For example, you need an email someone sent you 6 months ago, you can search for it, and it will be on the phone. This will take up the most space.

    If you recieve a collosal amount of emails, that might not be a smart option, instead you can only sync 7 days worth, and all the last 7 days worth of emails, will be accessible to you on your phone.

    The other option, "Get Email" is really straightforward. It is basically "Send and Receive". "5 minutes" will mean, every 5 minutes, your phone will check for new email. "6 hours" will mean every 6 hours. "As items arrive" means, its always checking, and as soon as your yahoo account gets an email, your phone will get it instantly. However this sucks battery. Your decision.

    Hope this is what you meant?

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    Yes, thanks!
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    is the original setup flawed in some way that we need to do this manual setup? IS there a patch for that?
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    I don't know what's going on here again, but I cannot 'send' emails from my VEER. It's YAHOO and I've spent hours with HP tech support to no avail. It receives emails fine. Thanks.

    Edit: Tried this with some success. Now I don't get alerts on the VEER when a new email comes in. Everything else seems to work.

    Palm Pre and Yahoo Email
    I have an interesting situation...

    I purchased my Palm Pre on 8/30/2009. I set up my yahoo email based upon my settings on my Treo 755p which worked well. My settings were as follows:

    Incoming Server =
    Email = <user>
    Port = 995
    Encryption = SSL

    Outgoing Server =
    Email =<user>
    Use Authentication = Yes
    Port = 465
    Encryption = SSL
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    Yahoo mail works fine on my Veer. Incoming and outgoing mail.
    My only suggestion would be to delete your yahoo accounts and re-load them again.
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    Back to 'normal.' Finally (this time...).
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    It seems that the Yahoo SMTP service was having issues during past days
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