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    So, I used an upgrade on an HP Veer a couple of weeks ago. I was loving the OS but I freaked out when I saw that whole HP fiasco going on, and returned it. I purchased a Motorola Atrix.

    I've been using Androids since the G1 - More devices than I can count. But, I always find myself looking for way to change the apperance of the UI. I was never happy with the way my phone looked.

    Android has some great features and applications, but my first taste of webos a couple of weeks ago left a really sweet taste in my mouth.

    So, I sold my Atrix and bought a Veer for 89.00 off of Amazon. -Score! I got black this time, instead of white. Hoping for a less toy-like look.

    I'm still waiting for shipping info, but I can keep you posted. Until then I am using an Android LG Thrive (Optimus One).

    Just thought I'd share that I missed my Veer once it was gone.

    Oh yeah, question!

    - Will I need to repurchase applications that I bought when I had my Veer the first time? Or is there a way to download them to my phone again without re-buying?
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    Purchases are tied to your Palm profile, so when you log in on your new Veer, your downloaded /purchased apps (except from Preware of course) will automatically be downloaded to your device.
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    Plus the Veer now runs at over 1GHz =D
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    I overclocked mine yesterday and am very happy with the phone thus far. I switched to the veer from an OCed pixi plus so it was an upgrade. Now that I'm using a veer I don't think I'll ever consider a 4" slab phone. I'm still trying to get use to a small smart phone.

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