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    I just receive my att veer in france ;-) very cute phone!!!

    The only problem that i have is that the phone is in english. I want to put it in french .
    I have to do some stuff with palmdoctor and metadoctor but i dont know how to use it.

    Can someone help me in that process? Just tell me what i have to download, and what to do???

    thank you lot
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    I'd like to put italian language on mine!

    I know that the german veer has got it! Can someone pls tell us how to change languages settings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    REMOVE_MODEL_CHECK = 1 (not sure if you need this one, but it won't hurt)
    thx but what does it means that?


    Have I to follow the guide u posted?
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    Great to know, thank you GuyFromNam

    I've another (dumb) question, i've also have to use CHANGE_KEYBOARD_TYPE = z, right? Because if i don't my keyboard layout will be the german qwertz one, right?
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    Ok, found on page 10, i'm really sorry for the useless question.

    I didn't know that the keyboard mapping is programmed into the NVRAM tokens.

    Thank you again GuyFromNam

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