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    just ordered a white hp veer (i refuse to call it 4G), off of ebay brand new for $100 off contract. excited to be a new webos user.

    I was wondering if anyone knows if the veer's magnetic cable can be hooked up to the touchstone charger? or if i have to use a micro usb cable to plug from the wall outlet to the touchstone?

    it would make sense that hp would figure out a way to work in their newer devices with their older accessories.

    Also does the touchstone come with a micro usb cable?

    i tried looking for this but couldn't find anything.
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    I'm not sure what you're asking. The point of the Touchstone is so you don't have attach it to a wired connector. Just set the Veer on the touchstone itself and save the Veer's normal connector for the USB car charger.
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    the veer's magnetic connector will not work with the Touchstone. I do not remember if the cable came with the ac adapter or the touchstone.
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    Oh, so the Touchstone uses a microUSB cable to connect between that and the wall adapter?
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    Yes...micro usb from touchstone to ac adaptor. You can order just the touchstone itself or order it with the micro usb adaptor. With a Veer you want to order it with the micro usb cable.

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    Thanks guys for the update! Getting my Veer tomorrow.
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    I ordered a TS with USB cable from Ebay and it's working fine with the Veer.

    I got one here: HP Palm Touchstone Charging Dock Pre, Pixi Plus - NEW items in Miami-Deals123 store on eBay!
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    Note that you need a Palm micro USB cable. A standard micro USB cable will not fit into the back of the touchstone as the USB socket is inset.

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