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    I'm new to WebOS and I've got myself an HP Veer just two weeks ago. I've manually migrated all of my contacts with local numbers (no country code). Now when somebody calls me, it shows up with the country code, and the Veer does not match the contact. So gradually I add their full numbers as they call as another contact phone number.

    But when I miss a call, the least I can do is look up the number around my contacts to see who called me, so I know who I'm calling back when I do. So I'm trying to type numbers (with country code and without) in the Just Type search and it never picks up contacts. Why?

    According to this link:
    The Just Type search can look up a contact by "A contact’s phone number", so perhaps I'm doing something wrong?

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    Even though I have no solid solution for you, I figured someone should answer you since 68 people read your post without a comment :P

    When I type in the full phone number without country codes or without the area code, it pulls up the contact's file. JustType lists the contact third in my list after "Call 2105694563" and "Send SMS Msg".

    For example, 2105694563 or 5694563 will pull up the same contact.

    Additionally, in the dial app and when a call is incoming, their name always appears for me.

    A possible fix for your problem would be to reset the phone to factory default and then resync your contacts from google or your palm profile or where ever you have them stored. There may be something screwy with the 'synergy' on your phone. It's a shot in the dark at least :/
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    Guessing you are outside of the US, any chance you are using an unlocked AT&T Veer?

    Only reason I ask is because I have never had to worry about country code on my US webOS devices with US phone numbers. Every migration has worked to match the caller with their name.
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    Maybe your problem is similar to this?

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