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    I've noticed a rather annoying feature of the Veer - it can be fairly easy to accidentally open the keyboard when I put it in my pocket - when you do this the phone activates and bypasses the unlock screen - I often hit stuff in my pocket without me knowing it - is there a setting or a preware hack that I can install to change this behavior.

    My hopefully temporary solution is to have a simple passcode to unlock the device - hoping there is a better way.

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    If you secure your phone with a password, sliding it up will ask for it. Maybe not what you're looking for, but it is a bit of a solution.
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    Try putting it in your pocket with the screen facing away from your leg. That way if the screen opens, it won't activate the touchscreen.
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    Thanks the problem is I slide the keyboard open when actually putting it in my pocket - perhaps I just need to learn to be more careful - but that keyboard is pretty easy to open up accidentally when holding the phone ...
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    Same issue here... Problem is, that the veer snaps out of it's sleep as soon as the slider opens even for a little tiny bit... Has someone asked for a patch in the patch sub-forum yet?

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    I think this is one of the most annoying features of the Veer. The keyboard slider sensor is too sensitive. It would have been much better if it would unlock the screen when the keyboard at least halfway open.

    My current solution is to use Mode Switcher to set a very simple PIN lock when the silent switch is on. This way, I can set the phone to silent before conveniently slipping it into the coin pocket of my 5-pocket jeans. It's not perfect, especially since Mode Switcher doesn't always trigger reliably on the silent switch when the phone display is off. But it's better than nothing.
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    Same here, and it happily answers my calls at the same time, without telling me. I see this is a problem for people from June:
    Still no fix I guess.

    It's a serious problem with the phone.
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    Are you folks wearing extremely tight pants or what?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MicahDG View Post
    Are you folks wearing extremely tight pants or what?
    Nope, just regular denim :-) but when you move around or sit down this still can open the phone enough to wake it up and do silly stuff while in your pocket.

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    Haven't had the phone long enough to have a real problem with answering calls (and I won't, either, now that I have the appropriate phone Tweak installed to disable that). And I don't tend to wear especially tight pants (thank you, MicahDG), but I do need to slip my Veer into a purse, a skirt pocket, or a workout gear pocket every now and then. That's supposed to be one of the selling points, isn't it?

    I track my workouts with iGPS, by first turning on NoDoze (iGPS doesn't have a decent background mode) then locking the screen with a button. Took me several failed tracks to realize that what was happening was the phone shifting ever so slightly, turning the screen back on and my **** telling the app to stop tracking. I haven't tried the PIN lockout method yet, but *really*??? This shouldn't be so difficult.
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    Find the patch request here:

    I would be glad if you supported this request :-)
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    Instead of creating a new thread, I figured I'd continue this one.
    Is the only solution to use a PIN/password right now?
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    If anyone's still following this, I just installed 2.2.4 on my Veer and now it only wakes up when the slider is fully extended, instead of after it moves a couple of millimeters like it did with 2.1.2. So, if you can live with the quirks of 2.2.4 it does seem to solve the problem.
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    If I want to solve this problem in webos 2.1.2, install patch "Veer Slider Fix" written by omoco. Works perfectly, with this patch my screen turns on only when slider is 95% open.

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