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    I've had my veer for a few days now, and I actually really love it. Theres a few bugs that annoy me, but not deal breaking.

    1. The camera, how it doesn't save pictures, and sometimes restores deleted ones.
    2. how the sound just disappears after a while, making me have to reboot (just annoying, not a huge issue, but i'd like it fixed)
    3. Sometimes when I get texts it does weird thing in the notifications like &lt!1% and thats not what the text said at all.

    I don't understand why HP didn't patch and make sure WebOS was.. a little less buggy. I understand an OS having bugs and flaws. but not so noticeable where it's like beta.
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    I wonder the same thing. Love this thing but so many bugs. I hope a software update is coming soon.
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    Another one bug to add; Phone doesn't want to charge, Reboot phone. phone charges afterwards. It's depressing that it's like this. HP y u no fix webos.
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    Hopefully some bugs will be fixed with the update, which I really hope is coming soon.

    In HP's defense, they had a limited amount of time to get this thing out, and the TouchPad was very much a huge priority. It takes time to find and fix bugs and do all the testing necessary. So they pretty much got it to a releasable point and went to work on the TouchPad. Although there are some bugs, it's better than the Pre 2 was when it was released with 2.0.
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    The whole new WebOS software and hardware thing is young for HP. Is is after all the first public release. Like anything the first time out of the box, there will be issues. It is reasonable to expect an update here and there. They should come. As the older owners of WebOS product will tell you, it's good that you came online with WebOS now and not at the beginning. You have seen nothing. Not to minimise what you are going through now but WOW were there issues back then. Lol with a little luck this is the start of a new more stable product.
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    Op, didn't you open another thread with this post?

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