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    Well this is a new one. My Veer is only displaying apps (that allow it) in landscape mode. I've done two resets and it hasn't fixed the problem. I've tried shaking the phone, rotating it a whole bunch and it doesn't rotate with the phone.

    I'd rather not doctor if possible, does anyone have any suggestions?

    I have Preware installed but have only installed Freetether and don't have any patches or anything.

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    Remove Freetether, restart your veer and test it again..

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    Ok, I removed Freetether and the failed ESPN app. It worked when it first restarted and then went back to only being in landscape. I ran the interactive test and it doesn't pass the accelerometer tests.

    Off topic, It's unreal that the first response was less than 2 hours ago and this thread is already on page 7 of newest posts...

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