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    Just got one off-contract

    I am a GSM newbie.

    What is the cheapest plan I can use with it?

    For phone: I would want to forward from my Sprint Pre when I am in the house or running in the park with my tiny veer. ATT reception not the greatest around me so I am sticking with Sprint for my main phone.

    Have a google number, not sure if using it in the mix could save minutes. I mainly use it with Sprint to call Canada for free.

    What plan, simcard should I get? Do they charge for minutes for forwarded calls received?

    Saw on the Veer unlocked thread a post where someone bought an H20 card and it worked without unlocking. I see my local Best Buy carries them...

    For texting--would texts forward from my sprint number, how does this work?

    For data, I am Ok with using wifi only. I assume I should turn off data.

    Thanks for the advice, never used a GSM before.
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    bumping this thread in hopes someone will wander by with answers...
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    What you are probably going to want to do is use the phone as a go phone. That way you would only need a 2 dollar a day plan for unlimited talk/text or even a basic 10 cents a minute plan if you just want to activate the phone. I do not believe that you will need a postpaid plan to use WIFI on the phone. Just go to an ATT store or authorized ATT dealer and they should be able to set you up
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    thanks, I will look into this, my hope is to spend no more than 35 a month as sprint pre takes care of all my primary needs but does not pair well w touchpad, Bluetooth has an echo
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    You might also want to look into Google Voice. It might help with forwarding things from your Sprint phone to your Veer.
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    the veer is pretty great. Tucked nicely into my fanny pack when I go to exercise, sounds great playing music on it w Bluetooth. No more bulky Pre in my
    outdoor jaunts!

    Bought a H2o minute card which gave me 4 mo expire from this week and then filled it again with 39.99 monthly minute card and it still kept the 4 month initial expiration.

    Yes I forwarded calls from sprint pre via google voice, there are 9 rings before it gets to the veer but if someone wants me they can do it. Turned off data but figured if I was desperate for email, I could duck into a Starbucks. Something refreshing about not being "always on.'

    To forward from sprint, I think I passed *28 google #,my understanding is that sprint will not charge forwarding costs to google # but I could be wrong.

    Love the magnetic charger but am worried I will not be able to find one if my cats chew it up so I bought a few spares from HP. I have a feeling they are going to show a good quarter in Oct from all us webOS spenders.
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