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    Hi, I've been trying to unlock my Veer with DigitalUnlock, but there's been some problems going on with it.

    1. Even after the unlocking process is done, I dial the code that has been given to me like eg. *#*#00000000# and yet the "USSD Request failed."

    2. I have tried the same process with a T-Mobile SIM inside and every time I dial the code, I'm lead to gray-white dial pad asking me for an "Unblock code". Yes, I spelled Unblock right. I really don't know where to find an Unblock code because it's asking me to contact my carrier for the code (the phone currently has no carrier, I think.)

    It seems that DigitalUnlock is doing their best to come up with a solution and I really hope they can help me. I really like the phone and I've been going insane by having a phone with no service.

    I even went to a local phone shop and the guys working there had no idea how to unlock it.

    If anyone can help me, please do. I really appreciate it.
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    If the phone is branded "ATT" then call them for the code. Was it purchased from the factory as unlocked?
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    I had the same problem. However, recently, they released a new unblock mechanism. In the unlocker computer program, for your registration code, append ",unblock". Then run it and it should unblock your device
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