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    Mine's getting wobbly and is peeling off...
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    The grille on the back next to the camera? Mine seems snug for now.
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    Nope, no problems with the grille here. I just have lots of dust inside the camera lens.
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    No grill problems, yet. I really hope yours is just a fluke.
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    My speaker grille was starting to get caught on threads/fabric in my trousers and peeling back. It was only happening to the small corner part that is right next to the camera lens. I used a fingernail clipper to clip the offending corner that kept getting caught and then pressed the rest back down. Right now, it feels smooth but I'm worried it will catch on something in my pocket again.
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    My Veer's speaker grille just completely fell off one day (and is long gone). The glue holding it had turned liquidy and didn't hold it on anymore.
    It looks pretty ghetto now.... but oh well, love the phone anyway.
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    I'm too. It is falling apart
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    I've noticed a couple on ebay missing the speaker cover. Mine is fine.
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    Got a used veer to test the doctor process, it's grill was off when I got it, power button was broke, etc other issues, sent to HP/Palm, they replaced it with a new one, was still under warranty.
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    +1 for intact grill.

    You made me look though. I'm driving the Pre 2 lately so I had to get the Veer out and inspect it. Everything seems to be seated properly.
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    I purchased that nifty wide-angle/macro combo lens that requires a metal disk over the camera lens (& it overlaps the speaker grille just a bit). Dual purpose disk? Maybe b/c my speaker grille is still firmly attached

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    Mine came off once when I was pulled it out of my pocket. Must have snagged on something I guess. I don't even notice anymore.
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    Yes a little.
    I noticed something not smooth as I took it out of my pocket. I checked it and the corner of the mesh was coming up, so I took my fingernail and pressed it down. So far so good, it has stayed down.

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    mine went missing after 2 months of use.
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    I only noticed this on the white Veer... the two black Veer grilles are still intact.

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