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    So I'm a new WebOS user coming from Maemo. Liking it so far and to be honest, the level of vendor support for WebOS in the wake of recent news makes me feel right at home coming from a Nokia Linux phone.

    Anyway, I wasn't blown away at the number of applications that either don't show up in the HP application store, or those marked as "unavailable for your device" in Preware when browsing for stuff to install on my new Veer.

    But not taking no for an answer, I've been downloading and manually installing the ipk files for select applications that I can't get from the app catalog or preware and seeing what works.

    So far I've been able to install and run the following manually on the Veer:

    Transformers G1 (slow, but playable)
    sdlVNC (runs, but goes to a red screen when you hit the gesture area)
    sdlTerminal (runs PERFECT, better then Terminus!)
    Sims 3 (actually the ipk filled up the /root partition upon installation, but after moving the files to a different area, the game would technically start...)

    I was wondering, what else is out there that, while marked as incompatible or unavailable, runs on the Veer?
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    Most if not all Mojo Apps should work on the Veer. Some might scale bad.

    With PDK Apps (which seems to be what you tried most), it matters a bit for what system they were compiled in the first place and why... The question is what optimization the compiler did that work for the original cpu but not for the one of the veer. And of course PDK Apps depend more on the display resolution... it does matter to them more than for the web-technique-based mojo apps, of course.

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