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    Hi everyone,
    I'm enricomfrom Italy..I buy las month a Veer from ebay usa and 3 days ago, during a call, my veer falled on the ground, and screen is now broken..
    Phone stillnwork 'cause I hear sound but lcd is off..
    I try tomcontact hp chat live but they told me I need to live in US..
    I can send hp veer trough ups and give to hp a address for the return after they fix it, but they say to me that The phone had to be in I can do?what I can do?
    Please help me..
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    Well, outside of moving to the states, if you have friends family in the US, you can send it to them.
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    i think it would be cheaper to just get another one from ebay if you have to pay to get it fixed

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