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    WHy wouldn't AT&T just unlock it. Also what about the Pre 2
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    I'm very confused right now, Not because of the answers i got on here. But here's my situation...

    I was a previous Sprint person, about 2 weeks ago i cancelled my plan with them thinking the HP Pre 3 would be hitting the shelves soon and that my Verizon Palm Pixi Plus could convert to a go phone so i could just use it for texting using pre paid cards to waste a little time till then.. before i went up there i cancelled Sprint. When i got up there they said that i could not do that if i wasn't a current customer and for me to do that i'd have to buy minutes too, which i would not buy, i don't need or want them. So I was thinking "uhhh? Alright, thanks anyway"... So after i found out i couldn't use the Pixi Plus just for texting. I was screwed. So then i was waiting a week to get an AT&T gophone, i'm still in that week of waiting, i was going to buy a month pre paid, $50, to wait out for the HP Pre 3.. Then yesterday.. i wake up to 'HP Discontinuing WebOS Devices?!' and i honestly said holy *****, at first i was asking myself, it's not April?.. so this has to be real. Then i get on the computer and do a little more digging. Turned out to real. and my heart sank just a bit. So i was thinking 'fine.. that's ok, as long as they sell what they have and i can get my hands on one through AT&T'. Then today i wake up to 'AT&T cancelled ALL orders of the Pre 3..' i mean that sucks. specially if the units already have the AT&T branding on it. But, like many of you, checking the page every so often i read that HP is NOT giving up on the software just the hardware.. So My thoughts are that the Veer is out, it's decent, and by the time 2 years it up Samsung or HTC will have taken it upon themselves to come out with some kick ***** WebOS devices. i mean if we've seen 1ghz single core to 1.2Ghz dual core in just a years time.. 2 years.. i'm thinking quad core 1.5ghz 4.5-5in screens. With Samsung super AMOLED screens.. running webos 4.x would probably be AMAZING so considering where i'm at...

    I have to weigh the options..
    1) Wait 2 weeks see what HP says and make a decision.
    2) Get the go phone from AT&T and see what HP says and make a decision.
    3) Get the Veer and and say screw everything else
    4) Wait for the iPhone 5 or Nexus Prime and say 'Screw you HP for letting down your fans'
    5) Be spontaneous and go with some other carrier and get the most expensive phone they offer! (kidding, i wouldn't do that. I really wanna go with AT&T... don't know why.)

    If i can avoid an Android phone.. i would.. i just hate that when i wanna from app to app or something.. i have to return to the home page.. and it's not right there saying i'm here go ahead and click me... like WebOS does. I really love how WebOS is just to fluent... I mean, alright you're on AT&T, You're playing a game, or online, and you wanna call someone, you fricking call them up, swipe up without it leaving your site because your game/website is right next to the calling app you tab ont he game/web and you freaking continue your stuff and when you're done.. you swipe the calling app off and you're still playing/reading... I mean how natural is that? It's like God in a phone. 'and on the 7th day WebOS swiped away the last card and was placed on the touchstone.' So HP can really go screw themselves for that they did to it's fan base. I feel like how i did when i wanted to go do something that would have got me in trouble as a kid but couldn't so i whined about it.. Gahhhhh.

    Also, i'm considering the $99 Touchpad now. Yay or Nay on that? SO CONFUSED ON EVERYTHING WEBOS RELATED!!!

    Also, i know i say "screw" a lot.. i'm not trying to have my reply filled with the ****'s everywhere.. but for your own entertainment if you'd like to go back and read the reply as if it were the ****'s please do so. Thanks for everyone that read this, i know it's pretty long.. Probably the longest thing i've wrote in a while.
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    my plan is to buy a cheap veer off contract. When I switch to att I plan to get the most expensive phone with the biggest discount. Like the motorala atrix or HTC inspire. Then ebay it and make decent profit.

    xBlackxBlood I would do the same thing I described above except keep the andriod phone for a week or so until you can get your hands on a veer. It gets even better if you do all this through amazon or att website were they waive activation and shipping fees. It would get you a phone ofr a week and you would make some money.

    on another note. WebOS is not dead. From what I have read HP will contiue to update the software but they are done with the poor selling hardware. They may actually bring the number of WebOS users to a new level with this fire sale.
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    Its inevitable that the Veer is going to be part of the firesale......

    My question is, if I get an unlocked one can I use it on a TMobile normal postpaid family plan without them triggering a data package fee for using a smartphone?

    Since TMo never carried HP phones I assume they don't have the IMEI number for them in their database. I intend to use it as a text messaging phone and data only on Wifi. And I assume the Veer has the option to totally switch off the carrier data like my Pixi+ that I use on Pageplus. So would they know what I was using and force me onto a smartphone data plan soon after I put my SIM card in it?
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    xBlackxBlood, choose option 1, if you don't need a new phone right now, wait 2 weeks just to let the dust settle and see how it all turns out until then.
    OTOH if you find a Veer for $50, get it, that's really inexpensive. Veer is a very nice phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnygewitter View Post
    xBlackxBlood, choose option 1, if you don't need a new phone right now, wait 2 weeks just to let the dust settle and see how it all turns out until then.
    OTOH if you find a Veer for $50, get it, that's really inexpensive. Veer is a very nice phone.
    Yeah i just found out about that fire sale thing going on.. i really wish i knew about it while it was happening because i would LOVE! i new Veer for 50 bucks.. When is it going on again, if it is...? and where do i go for it?
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    Search For HP Laptops, Notebook PCs, Printers, Digital Cameras, Desktop Computers, Televisions, Handhelds, Scannes, Monitors, Projectors, and Calculators direct from the HP Home & Home Office Store

    just keep checking the site a hopefully it will pop back up

    edit: it justed dawned on me that you should be able to get that price anywhere they sell the phone. I would check you local ATT and best buy stores. Good luck
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    In the next month, you will see brand new Veer's off-contract for $100. Also by then we will know more about future support for Facebook, Gmail, and other apps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xBlackxBlood View Post
    After the announcement a lot of buzz has going on saying 'dont buy a HP Pre 3... And to return your newly bought TouchPads... But from what I understand is they're still going to support WebOS... So i'm assuming the Veer will eventually get update 2.2 and so on. What do you guys think? Veer or No Veer?
    So guess what i did today... I woke up and said.. Eff it, i'm getting me a Veer while they're still in stock.. So I went up to BB and get the Veer for free, on contract, signed up with the buy back and black tie.. So if anything happens to it from now till whenever.. i can get a new phone with the similar price, then i get up to 100 back to put towards a new phone. i'm HOPING by then someone will buy the WebOS or at least license it.. So i can get a BA WebOS phone. I think i did the right move. And in the end if the Pre 3 DOES end up coming out for who ever i'll exchange mine for that, as long as it's int he 30 days. Woo, Gotta tell you guys right now. I'm REALLY LOVING this thing. it's fast, fluent, tiny, and does everything i want. Pre 3 would've have been a little nicer, but they both have their advantages. The Veer is definitely a great phone. i'm glad i did it.
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    When I checked my Veer today in the office one of my coworkers immediately needed to have a look. He really dug the gesture control and was at first confounded by the card view. "I's still open?" Yes, true multitasking... He thought the size was great and even liked the screen and the resolution. He is coming from an iPhone (3GS I think). He didn't know webOS at all, of course. He asked me "I thought there's only App Stores for iPhone and Android?"

    Makes me half happy and half angry. Had they just... *HP-rant here"

    I'm so glad I got a Veer before the firesale, the HP site is already down the entire day.
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    I'd been waiting for the Touchpad Go, which at this point is extremely unlikely to launch. So as a backup plan I've got a Veer and will hopefully get a regular Touchpad in the near future.

    I've only had it for about 48 hours and I like it a lot. It's not terribly small, and definitely more snappy than my launch-aged Pre. It's also got the mobile hotspot, so I'll be able to use it along with a TP effectively anywhere I need coverage.

    Oh, and small bonus - GSM means using voice and data at the same time again. God I hated that on Sprint.

    I fully anticipate it'll be a really dark time for webOS for at least another year. I'm hoping this new Veer and (hopefully soon enough) a Touchpad will survive that stretch of time.
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    Goes to show, you never know. I bought a Veer on day one, for the size and the WebOs, and plus, I had bought all the previous WebOs devices. Never knew it would be the **last** phone. Never planned to buy a Touchpad, but since its price point was the same as an iPad accessory, I had to stand in line at Best Buy to get one. I am curious about the Touch to Share feature, and if it's anything more than a gimmick. If you are a Veer owner, you are one update away from finding out. Who knew?
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