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    I really hope that it's a misunderstanding and they have (very concrete?) plans in licensing webOs. Licensing really would be a big step forward in a very good direction...

    although that still could mean bad news for the veer, which like the pixi does not get the attention it should get.
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    I just got my Veer a couple days ago (off contract on ebay hooray!) and I love it. I'm keeping it as long as it works and hoping for some webOS goodness in the future, even though things look bad now.
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    If there were a suitor in wait, HP would have announced it because it would have looked like they had a plan in place. On the bright side, I'm still using 1.4.5 with absolutely no upgrade path. The Veer should have a good 1.5 years left on it with 2.x if the homebrew developers continue to help out.
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    I think the main problem is that Apotheker is an enterprise guy... no one really "likes" SAP. It's convincing enterprises through numbers and flexibility. He comes from that cold heartless world... that's why he can't understand the feelings of real customers. He only knows corporates as customers not people with a heart and feelings for their devices.

    It's like a clash of cultures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomlamb View Post
    very true, anyone want to buy a Veer?
    I do. Hate the news, obviously, but if I can find one for decently cheap, there's no reason to not have a backup for my refurbed pre+.

    I'm really sad I missed out on the firesale-- would have definitely been in.
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