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    I just received my tiny little Veer and I already love it. It is amazing tiny. (have to hide it from my wife ;-) )

    When I unpacked I noticed that the USB cable provided has the magnetic connector attached. That is really annoying, as I have to take another cable with me.

    Is there an adapter, similar to the headset adapter, but just with micro USB, so that I can use my Touchpad Datacable?

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    No not yet.
    You can use the TS as 'adapter'.
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    Yes for desktop charging, but not for data transmission and car charging.
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    You are right. No data with cable.
    I use ssh for data transfer.
    There are threads about using TS in car.

    EDIT: The only time I use the cable on my devices is installing preware and the ssh key.
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    Still, having a adapter for the magnetic connector as accessory would be great.
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    I want to add my vote for a stand-alone magnetic connector. Would be great to use with a retractable usb cord when traveling.

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