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    Two apps I religiously use on my galaxy tab are Train Trapper and Tram Hunter. Now I have my veer I did some digging and found the answer -

    Trains - iTransit
    Trams - Customise tramTRACKER® webPID

    Just launch both in the browser, and you are away !!!! Excellent.

    Veer + decent multitasking and browsing = Happy Customer !!

    Now to figure out the rest of my apps I'm missing.
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    Looks great. Here's hoping the Sydney timetable gets ported from their iphone site to the "other mobile" site...
    Zire -> Treo650 -> iPhone -> Veer
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    I've got a Pre 2 and the tram tracker mobile website works great, but thanks for the other links!

    As for the other apps I use... none are Melbourne specific.
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    Hi Mate,

    Just brought veer from USA. what method did you use to unlock your veer? I am currently on 3 Network.

    could you please provide things to consider during unlocking?

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    digitalunlock to unlock.

    my advice is to put the phone into devmode and use imppostah to activate. This way you can create a profile in US/UK to access paid apps.

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