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    I tried to reset my Veer but got a gray screen of death.

    I am unable to get it to power up or down only vibrates when I hold the power button.

    Tried the volume switch routine but nothing happened.

    Keyboard would light but now it does not

    Will not receive calls.


    BTW, I am in Bulgaria so getting in to a service center quickly is difficult.

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    make sure your charger works. Try the ringer switch reset a few more times, try doctoring from recovery mode.

    at that point, time to replace it.
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    Does the phone need to be on to use Recovery mode?

    Mine is not on but is plugged into USB on my PC
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    solution I confused the ringer switch and volume switch

    While on HP chat with Sten he helped understand the ringer switch. That worked and phone back working

    Thanks for the help

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