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    Me too. Now I know why people say "good things come in small packages" The Veer is plain amazing. I doubt I'll buy a Pre3 now.

    It's a shame you can't use the same Palm-Profile on two mobiles, though. On my Veer I now have a different account without all the stuff I bought. However, I bought stuff for less than 10 Euros so I might just rebuy it, giving the money I saved because I'm a student to the devs ^^
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    Now you know what the big discount was about!
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    The saddest thing about all of this for me is I really do love the Veer form factor (and especially size). I have no regrets about my purchase and will run it into the ground even without any further updates, but hate to think I will be getting something twice the size when I do have to replace it.
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