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    I know that being on 2g usually doubles the talk time you have available compared to 3g.

    Does anyone force 2G/Edge on their Veer with Quick System Tasks in order to extend the battery life of their Veer?

    I figure you can just switch on 3g when you need it for a burst of speed for internet browsing.
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    Don't you mean 4G~~!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion Antares View Post
    Don't you mean 4G~~!
    By ATT standards... yes

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    I don't, but I do have the option in my menu drop down in case I need it. Normal days I am near a TS most/all of the day.
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    Really since switching from my Pre- to the Veer, kind of have forgotten about battery. It's really that good for me anyway. I leave it on 4g all day or WiFi when at home, and don't think twice about it. It's a great feeling
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    I do. Most of the time I don't need the higher 3G speed, for syncing 2G is good enough. If I need faster internet I just switch using the menu (there is a patch for that).
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    I'm using one on Telstra in Australia, and I actually leave it on 3G only due to network coverage (their 850MHz 3G network is far more extensive than their GSM900/1800).
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    How are you forcing 2g or 3g?

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