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    I'm getting my TouchPad delivered Tuesday thanks to the $200 off this weekend. I'm thinking about picking up a Veer to use along with the TouchPad and was looking to hear people's experiences of using the two together. Is the Veer too small to use on its own?
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    Absolutely not. I've been using the Veer, but also have a Pre 2 and have played with a Pre 3. My Veer is my daily driver and is more than capable of working well for many buyers. Something I do differently, however, is that I use the TouchPad almost exclusively for phone calls that go through bluetooth to my Veer. Once SMS syncing and TTS is set with the Veer, the duo will be perfect for how I want to use the devices.
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    I would say that the veer is good if you make sure to use the TP as your news reader.
    it's probably a foregone conclusion that you will not watch many movies on your veer but I found myself reading a lot of news, checking in on the forums and doing a lot of emailing from the phone.

    it gets to where I start to strain my eyes and can feel it, but now with the TP I can use it to browse more and really I will only need the veer while on the go. That means quick emails and sms messages.

    the veer w TP is a good 1 2 combo because the veer is so small, but only if you are comfortable taking the TP with you instead of leaving it in the bedroom (for example). Otherwise the Pre 3 screen will be easier on you.

    here is a good test question... If you had an ebook, would you be more likely to Read it in bits and pieces (while waiting for someone to show up downtown for example) or would you sit down for chunks at a time (lunch hour or on the bus etc)...if you a. Like to read and b. Read in long chunks, then bring your touchpad, but if you want to have access at any time and are always on the go, but will end up staring at your phone more than say half an hour a day, then maybe you would want to leave your TP behind more and instead carry a bigger phone.

    if you can avoid using the phone too much for reading and surfing then the veer is a gr8 pocketable phone

    my 2cents
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    I made the switch to the Veer from Sprint Pre Friday night. Ever since I got the TouchPad on launch day, my data consumption dropped from 1gb to 200,000 mb - I just wasn't using my phone for anything but calls and texts.

    Once SMS comes to the TouchPad, even less.
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    Have both since it came out in germany and really love the veer. I decided because I realized that Im using only the top 3/4 of the screen to read and the botton fouth for scrolling. So I donT need the bottom 60 lines. Its really little but effective. I write better as with my touchpad and also sometimes faster than with a normal keyboard. Also it is good than you dont use the landscape mode. This helpes only a litte if you need the space.

    The cooperation with touchpad is good, but only because the contacts, apps (which are compatible),mailaccounts and usability are the same/similar. I think it will become better than Touc-to.-share and hopefully other gimmicks will come to market.
    Now the "teamwork" is just fine, not great, but have potential...
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    I only always carry the Veer, the TP comes with me some days to work depending on how my day is going to be.

    Even without the TP, the Veer handles everything I need on a daily basis, and is so much smaller than the Pre, both the wife and I are very happy.
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    The Veer is as good as a Pre for reading news on the web or in news apps (e.g. feeder, feeds and similar). The missing few lines really don't matter here. You need to scroll on the Pre anyway and just a little more on the Veer.

    What really makes the Veer a great phone is the keyboard. I used a Pre2 and a Veer in parallel for some days and found me trying to do everything that includes "typing" on the Veer, just because it is so much more fun to type on the Veer than on a Pre(-/+/2).

    If you are happy with a Pre, go out and buy a Veer, it can handle all the Pre can in daily usage. Some apps (many games) are missing, though.
    In combination with a TP it is a great phone. Although I'm not too happy yet with the team play between them and am hoping for Touch-To-Share. At the moment I mostly leave my TP at home and take only the Veer with me.

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