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    does anyone know a QR-Code Reader / Decryption App that works with the Veer (german version, webOS 2.1.1)? I really miss the built-in scanner that I had on my Nokia E71. I already tried "QR deCODEr" (didn't start on the veer) and "QR offline Decoder". Both of them didn't get any results.

    The latter wasn't able to read any QR-codes because the Camera wasn't capable to take sharp pictures at close range (lack of focus). When I wanted to scan a code, the pictures were always too blurry for the app. So if you know an application that improves the cam software so that it makes decent close-up pictures, that might resolve the problem with the QR-Software as well.

    Thanks in advance :-)
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    Not much help but QR deCODEr does work on my Veer (also 2.1.1), although it's not very fast.
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    Sadly, the Veer's camera does not have any autofocus. There is no chance of magically improving the camera's picture quality. The Pre suffered from the same problem.
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    I find that with the QR deCODEr app, it usually helps to take the picture from farther away. Don't worry about getting it close up and blurry.
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    I decided to try this app again on my Pre- today.....and the first time ever it worked. Not sure if it was due to the last update, or what. I've survived the last couple years staring at strange codes.....maybe I'll try using it more now.

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