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    Guys ,

    in Preware - adding Test Feeds we have choice to install uberkernel and try to overclock Veer .

    Who have tried yet ?
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    and that's because???? It seemed to me a year ago that was the case.
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    some versions of uberkernal are for Oc, others just add features that you can monitor using gonna. There was s post/thread about this in the TP forums
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    Yea uberkernel isn't all about overclocking. It adds support for custom compcache settings, temperature readings, screenstate profiles, helps eliminate TMC, etc. and is fully compatible with Govnah. For instance, uberkernel for the Pre2 doesn't overclock because it's not necessary. There are other kernels for overclocking.

    Honestly, if you don't understand what uberkernel gets you, you probably shouldn't use it until you read up on the wiki and in the forums. Remember, it probably does void your warranty. The information is already out there.
    Application:UberKernel - WebOS Internals
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    Does the UberKernel for the Veer add undervolting? Seeing the battery is really, really, really small that could be a good way to keep your device from needing a charge.
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    Would be nice if there would be an uberkernel for 2.1.1......
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    Quote Originally Posted by sabro View Post
    Would be nice if there would be an uberkernel for 2.1.1......
    I'd rather have 2.2 on German Veers
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    Yeah, hopefully the update comes soon....
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    i don't have undestrand yet .

    At the moment is possible OC the Veer and how ?
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    Kernels aren't just about overclocking...they change how the processor does things. A good example is in Govnah, when changing the TCP Congestion settings and the I/O settings. You're changing how the kernel works.
    (This video isn't necessarily on kernels but might help explain a few things on how things work)
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    With Govnah can i OC my Veer to 1 GHZ stable ? If yes , how can i proceed ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfgart View Post
    i don't have undestrand yet .

    At the moment is possible OC the Veer and how ?
    Again, if you still aren't understanding from the replies you have already received, you probably should not attempt to use uberkernel on your Veer.

    Uberkernel is currently only in the testing feed for the Veer. Which means you need to agree to the testing feed rules outlined here:
    Testing Feeds - WebOS Internals

    Basically, you should probably be an experienced user, comfortable with the linux command line, and be willing to follow all the rules regarding the testing feed. If you can't meet those requirements then you should wait for Uberkernel to be released into Preware's normal kernel feed. Normal end-users that do not understand these requirements are not meant to use the testing feed kernels, afterall that's why it's called a "testing" feed. I'm not trying to flame you or anything, this is just how it is and ultimately it's to protect all parties involved.

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