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    as long as it is under warranty, call the carrier and make them fix/replace it. The are the first line of support for most things.

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    I just called HP and in order for me to get a replacement phone I have to pay 2 things:

    1. $400 deposit until they get the phone
    2. $30 processing fee.

    I completely understand number 1. But having to pay a fee of $30 for something that is not my fault is quite something I don't get. They should treat their customers better.

    I know $30 is not much but I have had better service than that (not charging) for something not the costumers fault.

    Even the cheap bikes at walmart ship you replacements for FREE!! if it was under a manufacturing defect clause!

    I will try to go to an ATT store to have this remedied.
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    Hi all,

    I would try what is recommended in this thread (pencil graphite dust). I just tried it myself and it worked like a charm. I just took a pencil & pen knife and scrapped off a full tip of graphite dust, poured it into the jack and popped it in and out and voila, a jack that was stuck for days is now working again.

    Hope it helps
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    for some weird reason it started to work again. I didn't do anything...
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