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    Hello guys ,
    i've a question for you .

    I live in Italy and I've bought a Veer . Problem is that i've just activated it here in Italy and i 've forgot to use Impostah for the first time .

    How can i acces now to the US Catalog ?

    Can someone of you create for me a US Palm profile ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    For most Veer users, the App Catalog works like this:
    In which case, you blew your one shot at paid apps.

    For some Veer users, it works like this:

    Either way, even if you do get paid apps, you need a valid credit card from one of the European launch countries. Other users from Italy have had success with the virtual WIRECARD AG card.
    ok , now with my Veer i have this case :

    Problem is : If i doctor my phone can i use Impostah to set US catalog ?

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