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    I got a Veer about 2 weeks ago (the $0.01 deal at Amazon made up my mind). So far I like the phone. It is a little buggy, but using the sleep button on and off seems to fix most of the app crashes. The big problem I have is with signal. I get almost no signal on 3G, it is very difficult to make a phone call anywhere in town. The signal is also not steady. I used modeswitcher to turn 3G off, and that has drastically increased the signal. The signal alternates from 0-3 bars (even while standing still) on 3G and 3-5 bars on 2G. Has anyone else had similar experiences?
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    It seems more often than not there are fewer than all bars, but I haven't had any dropped calls and very little time without data services available. I have found the overall experience to almost mirror Sprint... There were a few places around town I knew I would see my calls drop or could get little/no data. Those holes are also the places AT&T seem to struggle.
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    I also have about the same signal as I had on Sprint. In my office, the signal switches between 1-2 bars of H+ and 3-4 bars of Edge. I think that difference is pretty normal--it takes a better signal to do the higher data rates of H+.
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    In northern CA, I find my signal is at least as good as Sprint. The in house signal may not be as good, but getting "4G" everywhere.
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    i returned mine for that very reason: terrible reception
    1 bar at both home and work, and I live/work in a big suburb of dallas

    i'm still trying to hold out hope that the Veer will eventually come to another carrier
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    I am glad to see at least someone else is having this problem. I really wasn't expecting it because it wasn't mentioned in any reviews. I had an iPhone 3G before and I did get better signal strength with 2G, but my 3G signal wasn't nearly as weak. When the college kids come back in the fall, I won't be able to use 3G anyway, but I was expecting to be able to use it in the summer.

    It must at least be partly the phone, but what about AT&T? The signal strength goes off the scale at night (5 bars) on 3G, but goes to almost nothing during the work day. Are the towers just that overloaded on the 3G side?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jordanveer View Post
    The signal strength goes off the scale at night (5 bars) on 3G, but goes to almost nothing during the work day.
    This indicates that there is definitely some band crowding happening. Aside from AT&T adding more towers, really your only option is to see how the other carriers perform in your area.
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    same problem with veer in germany/o2! At the same places (home, work, street) i've good signal (3G) with my old pre+. Same SIM, same place and my veer has problems with the signal strength, often only 2G, sometimes no data-connection. sometimes, if no data-connection, reboot will help.
    i think it's no carrier problem, rather the software or antenna.
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    I use Veer but not AT&T. I unlocked it any use my local carrier in Asia.

    Compared to my previous GSM phone , I found signal on Veer really bad. The signal for 3G really very fluctuate, same with the Edge signal. More over, the data connection often gone for several seconds. This happen not only in my room, but almost happen in every places I go.

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