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    This is really starting to bug me. I've had my TouchPad for 5 days now...I can totally have a Veer and be happy with it. So I go check out eBay and see what's around. Here are some prices as of right now:

    $152, $150, $71, $112.50, $52.....
    Most of these are on auction, and some have a couple of days I'm sure they'll go up in price, but I can't even bid on them, because they don't ship to Canada. In fact, I can't find any that ship to Canada. After 7 tries, I've got better things to do.

    Just saw one at $0.01 with a little under 7 days left.... interesting
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    so you want to pair Veer with your TouchPad? I wonder how great those devices paired. Even without TTS yet.

    I have a Veer and plan to have WebOS ttablet. But for now I struggled to decide I buy recent Touchpad or wait for next Touchpad7.
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    Up to you on whether you're interested in 4G service and double the memory and a slightly faster processor. Maybe I'm just in the honeymoon phase, or maybe it's my requirements for a tablet are less than say someone that's trying to use it for work. For me, it's purely convenience, and consumption.

    I have it paired to my Pre- for freeTether, and for the most part, I've had very little issues with it so far. My main point that I was trying to get across, was that having a TouchPad now, I really don't feel the need or want for that matter to use my phone as anything but a phone and mobile hotspot. Maybe fire off a quick text or what-have-you, but I'd rather use the TouchPad now.

    I'm not sure why they didn't include a GPS though, or someway to acquire the GPS signal from the tethered phone.
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    I used Craigslist to buy a Veer for $150
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    I'm willing to bet a lot of those are the Gaga ones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Most of the sellers are even willing to ship to Europe.
    I took me a while to find a seller that had its auction set up to shipping world wide. Things might be different now but a couple of weeks ago it took some effort.
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    I ended up listing mine this week as a package with touchstones.
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    Yeah that's one way to do it. I didn't send a message to anyone...they should state the correct shipping info in the auction details.
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    Thanks for the info/input. It didn't occur to me to ask the sellers. I was wondering if it was because of duty, shipping fees or taxes, etc. Obviously they aren't going to sell for a penny, but would be nice to be able to get in on a bid and you never know how cheap you could get one. The one I saw early this morning only had a couple of hours left and was around $150, which wouldn't be a bad price to pay after the TouchPad
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    Yeah.... mine was in customs for 2 weeks...and it cost me around 70 dollars to ship it....using USPS (!!!!!!) I was better of with FedEx or UPS...
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    So about Touchpad connect to Veer. For phone & SMS, it is using bluetooth, right? So how about data connection? will Touchpad using bluetooth tathered with Veer or we need to make Veer become hotspot first?
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    You would get freeTether from Preware & use that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sledge007 View Post
    You would get freeTether from Preware & use that.
    so while Touchstone paired with Veer, it only can do Phone & Messaging? can't do browsing internet?

    To do browsing / data connection activities, we always need to activate mobile hotspot?

    That means Veer battery will drain fast, and cause too much heat, and not suitable to leave it on my pocket.
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    I can't tell you about the Veer, because I don't have one.....but my Pre gets pretty hot quite often, especially now that it's summer. I also believe you meant "while TouchPad paired with Veer". The pairing only provides voice and messaging (I believe) through the BT connection, and in order to surf the web on your TouchPad, you need wifi. This through a land router, air router or through freeTether. I drive every day 400~ miles and have freeTether on the whole time. I do have an advantage as if/when the phone gets too hot, I simply crank the air conditioning on the defrost, and cool my phone down.

    I find very little extra drain on my battery with freeTether running, approx 200mA, as I have a current of about 500~mA(green) according to govnah with it charging via DC power point and approx 340~mA(still green) with it charging and running freeTether.

    If that's all I'm using my phone for, the 3.5 hours that it takes me to drive halfway, I've used approx half my phone battery, and maybe 40% of my TouchPad. I don't charge my TouchPad in the truck, just the phone.

    Hope that helps...and worse case scenario, get some cargo shorts and throw them in your leg/thigh pocket, you won't feel the heat as bad
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    i got one for my buddy at work for 150 (including shipping). good deal if you ask me. and it's new. love it.
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    Always look at completed listings on eBay to get an accurate price!!

    Even when there's less then 1 hour left the price will more then likely go up, I've only seen a few that sell for less then $200 and they are usually sold within the USA.
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    Can he get more? I'm looking for a white one. Thanks.
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    No SMS via Veer yet. Need the update to make that happen, but that should happen in the coming....

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