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    Could someone please point me to a way to get rid of the "Just type" box that takes up so many precious pixels on my Veer screen?
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    Anybody with an answer over here?

    I tried a couple of patches out there ("Make it so" patch, and one that "hides" it), i even tried modifying the files myself with internalz but it only changed the Menu tittle when you are actually in the just type card... I just want my Veer to look clean and is not quite there yet:
    HP Veer
    Remastered II Theme
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    I'm not sure if you've done it, but I was playing round with my Pre+ (2.1) and I got rid of my JT box. You have to have internalz pro for it tho.

    I'm sure it will be the same for the veer too.
    /usr/palm/sysmgr/images/ and move the search pill box and icon somewhere safe, then luna restart.

    should work!!!! Looks great!!!
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