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    if you have a veer and a pre, pre plus or pre 2, have you noticed that when switching between the two, the veer makes really makes the other phones feel huge.

    i didnt think i would like the veer small factor but i must admit, it feels better in my hand than the pre. i do have small hands tho.

    sure wish there were more to talk about....just making conversation.
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    once you go veer you never go back
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    once you go veer you never go back
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    its amazing, how right it is feeling. Before with the pre minus, I didn't miss it because I was used to it. But now I cannot imagine going back to a Pre(minus, plus or 2). Also the built quality impresses me. Just switched the auto correction off
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    once you go veer you never go back
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    That's the same reason I go for Japanese girls. Small hands.

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