I got my VEER a couple of days ago... and as a former iOS user, i can now say that i really love webOS!!
But i have some issues, being new in this webOS experience, don't know how to see the FACEBOOK photo roll... i used the Touchpad weboS 3.0 emulator on my mac and worked perfect, same steps on the VEER but nothing :S
Already installed PREWARE and got the messaging plugin, and got my gtalk, facebook chat and msn live account logged in, but sometimes... and i mean it... sometimes... i see my msn messenger buddies list, and sometimes don't... and when i see it... sometimes i can click to send a message and sometimes don't... same wise with the facebook chat account. The list that always works is the gTalk (which just got a couple of contacts so i really don't care)
Using webOS for a few days now and i think it's the best OS out there, so i don't think it's the OS that have some issues but me XD
Can anybody help me please??