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    Looking for a screen protector for Veer:
    Rigid style (Not the flexible one from InvisibleShield)
    Good fit

    Any suggestion?
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    rigid type? i bought some flex type on ebay but it had extra holes in it that i didnt like (holes for the gesture area and and light sensor). i rather just have the hole for the speaker only. let us know if you find the type your looking for
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    Found this one

    But the shipping is too expensive. I am in Asia.....
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    Just ordered this:

    A bit expensive but shipping is free
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    i got the skinomi one off amazon. it was decent but i ended up just cutting down one from another phone to cover most of the screen. if you use the thing that ships on the phone the don't text and drive thing as a template that works pretty good if you want it exact.

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