I had a problem because when I bought my Veer from Best Buy they failed to inform me the Veer used a regular sim as compared to my iPhone's micro-sim. I did manage to put the microsim into the Veer and it worked...for a while. So yesterday, I went to AT&T to get a regular-sized sim.

During the entire process the AT&T salesperson was asking me a hundred questions about the Veer and seemed genuinely happy that there is a vibrant community of webOS supporters. If I didn't know any better I'd have swore he had a Pre2 in his pocket.

He knew I was coming from the iPhone and asked me about the change. I told him that most people don't do as much on their iPhone as they think they do. If you have a tablet, you really don't need a large screen phone and he seemed to agree.

Needless to say that is quite possibly the best trip I ever had to an AT&T store.