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    Hey there all,

    So I got a Veer on Friday and also got a Touchpad as well. I had a pre, pre+ and pre 2 as well. Switched back and forth between webOs and iOS for the past few years. Always loved webOS but the lack of apps always made me go back to iOS. Anyway, LOVING my Touchpad and really likeing the veer. really want a Pre 3 when it comes out.

    Anyway, So I have preware installed and have ainstalled a few patches. I was wondering what everyone here is using patch wise to make their pre even better.

    Anything to help battery life, functionality, etc...


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    Battery life has been a non-issue for me. Coming from a Sprint Pre I am hard press to run it down, but then again I am in wifi zones most of the day.

    Patching has been a bit of an experience. We are the webOS 2.x pioneers. I found the advanced device menu and launcher menu patches that say they are designed specifically for Veer to be buggy or not to work, but battery as a %, GPS icon add and GPS on/off in device menu all work fine.

    There are a few more threads on here with what people have tried, including here. Enjoy your Veer!

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