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    So, I am on the fence about getting a Veer, loved my Pre, went to Android and Sprint sucks, and the form factor of the Veer is hard to beat. Finding information on places like webos Internals and precentral seem pretty limited to the veer. So I guess I will ask some owners who have potentially hacked their phones:

    Is there wireless tether or wired tether available? Do all the patches and homebrew apps work on your veer? Is it possible to not stay completely stock on the veer? Does google voice work on the veer?

    Maybe it is my necesity to know I can break out of the box if I feel constrained, or if I am missing functionality. If this has all been answered, please feel free to gripe at me and possibly point me in the right direction thx.
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    FreeTether mostly works. Some of us (myself included) have been unable to properly shut down the connection when we are done, but a simple turn on/turn off of wifi seems to do the trick. I believe someone had more serious issues, but unsure of the details. FreeTether works great for wireless tethering, just as it does on the pre.

    In terms of Google Voice, Voogle works just as it did for the Pre.

    In terms of patching, I've had mixed results (oddly some of the ones marked "for Veer" don't seem to work) and from what I understand patching is different in webOS 2.x regardless of the device. There are other threads here discussing some of what people are using. In general good advice given is to patch slowly, so it is easier to take a step back if things go wrong.

    Overall fwiw I have to say the Veer is the best smartphone I have ever had, going back to my old Treo, to a Pre, a brief trip through an EVO and back to Pre before the Veer. For what I use it for the screen is plenty big enough, and it feels great in the pocket. I don't regret my purchase whatsoever.

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