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    Does anyone else have issues with freetether on Veer?

    It actually works great when I use it intially. I mainly use the wifi tether.

    However, when I am done and close the app. I always have to reboot before I can re-use it again, the wifi within freetether. When I re-launch freetether, re-enable wifi usage tethering, the IP-forwarding light comes on but not the DHCP light. And no sessions connect to the enabled wifi tether.

    The only way for me to re-use freetether with wifi tethering is to restart the phone and then relaunch the freetether app and then enable wifi.

    Am I missing a patch or something? or did I find a bug?

    Thanks for any info you may have.
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    There are many who are having this or related issues. For me it works great but even when I disconnect and try to close the connection it remains open. For me I was able to go into the device menu and turn wifi on and off to solve, but some have said that doesn't work for them. There are bugs that need to be worked out, it appears.
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    The freetether developer doesn't have a Veer, and therefore isn't in much of a position to troubleshoot.
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    I don't imagine that the developer can find a nice cheap Veer for sale during the firesale? I am running into this issue as well.
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    One of us could do him a favor when/if we find a firesale Veer. Pick up an extra one and mail it to him
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    i have that same issue with my veer....very bothersome but a little reset when i need to use it is better than paying att 30 extra a month to tether

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