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    I couldn't find an exact match of this topic.

    Is anyone experiencing poor sound quality when listening to music via the adapter and headphones? I guess its not poor quality but volume quality. I can barely hear the music turned up to full volume? The music app doesn't provide an EQ or anything to adjust sound.

    Is there a better music player than the default music player that would fix my volume issue?

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    Wow, I think the music quality is outstanding. I think it's about the best music quality I've heard on a mobile device. It's not crazy loud, but 100% is much too loud for me.

    However, if you've activated voicedial, it kills your sound quality until you unplug and replug your adapter. So if you've been using voicedial, that could be your problem. HP is aware of this bug. Try unplugging and replugging to see if it fixes your issue.
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    Really!? I have that sucker turned all the way up and the volume doesn't seem very loud. I have also tried several different headphones thinking the problem was the headphones. I guess I'll try another pair. I've plugged all these headphones into an ipod shuffle I have also and the volume on the ipod shuffle is twice as loud as what I get from the veer playing music. It's weird.

    I don't use voicedial and it is turned off in the Screen & Lock app.

    I have also re-seated the adapter several times thinking the connection may be the cause. But still volume seems low still.
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    Mine is about as loud as my old iPod nano used to be. 100% is just about loud enough on an airplane, but definitely uncomfortably loud in any sort of moderately quiet environment.

    Sounds like you have some sort of problem. Possibilities: defective phone, headphones not plugged into adapter all the way, high-impedance headphones, adapter with jack facing up instead of down, or defective adapter.
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    I notice there's one bug, not sure if it's related to your situation.

    If you accidentally trigger voice dialing while playing any content (music, YouTube, video, etc.), your entire audio system will go into this low quality mode until you close all audio apps and restart the app.
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    Here is what I have tested thus far, Veer with adapter plays nicely in some decent cans. If you pull the adapter off phone while playing I couldn't get audio back until I plugged back in the adapter, then it was fine over all outputs.

    Veer is plenty loud with speaker
    Veer using adapter in my car with 1000 watt amp pushing subs is LOUD (probably better than pre)
    Veer over BT in same car seams louder than Pre

    This was all using slacker radio over wifi for the most part, a lil HSPA+
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