View Poll Results: What would you make out of the Palm Veer, if you could alter the design ?

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  • Leave the same design as the Palm Pixi.

    4 19.05%
  • Heck No, I like the design of the HP Veer.

    7 33.33%
  • I would put a higher resolution screen and much more powerful processor.

    5 23.81%
  • I don't care, cause I'm gonna get a Palm Pre3

    5 23.81%
  • I'm not going to buy, no more on Palm phones. They dissapoint ya later.

    2 9.52%
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    I was wondering that, ever since the HP Veer phone came out on the At&t network about a few weeks ago. Some techno editors around the web praised the phone for it's speediness response when the phone was handling the new WebOS software. While I like the new feel of the phone, I hate that palm chose that design into the phone. Being a Pixi owner myself, I don't like slider action into the new phone. Why they could just put the same hardware into a Palm Pixi keeping the same candy-bar shape.

    Oh Palm. Just a little over a year ago your future seemed so bright, so renewed. Yet you still making the same mistake putting the new OS on still very antiquated hardware while everyone else is bringing newer high resolutions screens and bigger battery packs. So what went wrong? I wanted to give those of you, an opportunity to pool your thoughts into what would you change on the new Veer phone. Frankly, we're interested in hearing how you'd change things. Would you have overhauled things more drastically? Expanded the screen size? Bumped the resolution? Enlarged the keys? Take out the Magnetic connector, and place the same mini USB plug ?
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    There is nothing antiquated about the Veer. It's a 4G phone and it's super fast. It feels faster than most of those giant Android slabs with insane CPUs that burn through a battery charge in 5 hours. They can have battery packs as big as my car battery but these devices would probably still drain them in a matter of hours. I personally do like the slider action. The phone is smaller like this when the keyboard is retracted than it would be in a candybar design.

    The only things I'd like to see changed is for it to have a regular micro USB port and a regular headphone port but I'm assuming that would have made the device less small.
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    A higher resolution screen should have been their first priority for the Veer.
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    I think the Veer is spot on for the market they are aiming at but it should probably have been released at the same time as the Pre3 to quell some of the complaints.

    I think the lack of a standard micro USB for charging is unforgivable though. I'm surprised they are even allowed to market it in Europe where all new phones are supposed to use a common PSU and connector.
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    The poll needs to include doing away with the clumsy magnetic port for charging and the lack of 3.5mm jack.
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    I understand the complaints about the magnetic charger for lack of compatibility issues, but I think the charger is much better than the standard micro usb port. Much better. My last phone had micro usb and the port eventually broke and I have always felt uneasy about that connection. Most people I know with micro usb whose phones are over a year old have connections that seem loosened. No headphone jack is a problem, but for the size I can live with it.

    Overall, I really like the veer. My biggest complaints are battery life (understandable with size), low ringer volume/speaker easily muffled, and I get jittery performance and occasional freezing of the software.
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    1. I know the veer is small, but the veer teardown does show that led flash for the camera could've been implemented. If it were apple it would've been done. Also autofocus software would make the camera better.
    2. Higher resolution to pre -/+/2, so that all apps are ported. This was their chance to get rid of the pixi res and give devs less headache managing different versions of their apps. They say enyo is scalable but yet to be implemented on phones. Then again they said mojo was scalable too.
    3. Front facing camera would be a bonus
    4. Denser battery cells for longer power.

    I believe options 1 & 3 would've made the veer much more appealing to the masses. I know hp was in a rush to get something out, but the veer was a missed product cycle from Palm. I personally prefer the pre3 as most others do. However If they could incorporate the options listed along with maybe a carbon fiber body I'd definitely get one. I don't mind the form factor and with the touchpad pairing capabilities, I don't mind the small screen.
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    auto focus camera with flash .... that is my big sticking point, I take a lot of pics/video with my cell (well over 1000 pics currently on the Pre).

    We have touchstones and BT so the connector isn't a deal breaker for me, probably buy a few more touchstones for the cars and an extra headphone adapter for my desk at work.

    Only other thing that can't be fixed while keeping the Veer what it is, is some of my apps that won't come over.

    Ohhh and the battery, since it can be removed, I would have liked to have seen a true user replaceable battery (when I know I will be out all day with my Pre I carry 2 extra batteries).
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...

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